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Magazine Feature

John was selected from jewelers nationwide to be featured in a national industry publication, InStore Magazine.  Only 12 jewelers per year are selected for this honor.  The publication was released digitally in October of 2017 and in print in November of 2017.  John received a full-page spread, complete with a full-length professional business portrait, all at the Magazine's expense!  It is a special feeling to be recognized within your industry and by your peers.

Studio10 on FOX10

Check out John's guest appearance on Studio 10, part of the FOX 10 Family. John talked with Chassity about the upcoming DYW program (John is the Official Jeweler for DYW) and then John shared the latest news from the store:  our upcoming participation in the Junior League Christmas Jubilee and our exciting news about being a Finalist in the In-Store Magazine America's Coolest Jewelry Store Competition!

2017 America's Coolest Jewelry Store Competition by InStore Magazine

Editor's Pick:  John Cauley Jeweler in online presence!

Once upon a time, there was a big Industry Magazine called In-Store Magazine. Every year, they sponsored a competition for jewelry stores across the nation called, "America's Coolest Jewelry Store." This year, we decided to throw our hat in the ring. We worked for two weeks on the application and submitted it, holding our breath. Weeks went by and then months. No word. But today . . . in their online edition, they told us that they weren't quite ready to announce the final winners. To help make the last month of waiting easier, they WOULD announce the top 5 Editor's Picks in each category. Imagine our joy when, under the category of ONLINE PRESENCE, we saw that John Cauley Jeweler was mentioned!!


We share this honor with all of you - our wonderful, dear online members who helped us shine in front of the Jewelry Stores of America! Thank you!! We appreciate you!!!

John Cauley: DYW Official Jeweler

John Cauley: DYW Official Jeweler

John Cauley: DYW Official Jeweler

John Cauley: DYW Official Jeweler

John Cauley: DYW Official Jeweler

John Cauley: DYW Official Jeweler

John Cauley: DYW Official Jeweler

Official Jeweler of 
2017 National Program
Distinguished Young Women

John had a great time outfitting all 51 participants of the 2017 National Distinguished Young Women Program!  The girls were excited to pick out their Sorrelli necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that they will be wearing during their opening number, all 3 nights of the program!  Watch them sparkle online or in person on Thursday, June 29 and Friday, June 30 for the Preliminaries or Saturday, July 1st, 2017 for the Finals!  

For more information, visit www.distinguishedyw.org

Gulf Coast Today

Check out John's guest appearance on Gulf Coast Today, part of the Local 15 NBC Family. John answered questions about  the latest information about engagement trends and, of course, ideas for the perfect Christmas gift of Sorrelli!  And didn't Terra Reeves look fantastic in her Sorrelli jewelry?

Clip from Gulf Coast Today

Adorable exchange between Kelly and Terra after John's interview.  

Clip from Gulf Coast Today

Intro from the day of John's Interview on Gulf Coast Today as Kelly and Terra preview what is coming up and introduces John's jewelry that they are wearing. 

Fox 10 News

During a News Segment about Small Business Saturday, the follow-up to Black Friday, NBC News Reporter Rudy Harper interviewed John to get a local business perspective.

Fast Five

Check out the latest Fast Five from Socialize Your Bizness!  Thanks for coming by and seeing all the new things we have to offer!

Fast Five


Listen for the Shoutout to John in this edition of Fast Five.  Host Cindy Ross Loves her new Sorrelli Earrings!

Fast Five

Courtesy of Socialize Your Bizness

See John answer questions in this Fast Five Interview by Cindy Ross with Socialize Your Bizness.

Cast of USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage

Can you spot John?  Check out Juror #2, second from the left on the back row!  And yep, he was standing inches from Nicholas Cage.  Still waiting for the US release date, but we hear the folks in the Phillipines are enjoying it already!

Facebook Friend of the Day

Congratulations to the Local 15 Facebook Friend of the Day who won a beautiful pair of Sorrelli earrings! 

TV Commercial

It's always exciting to see your store on the small screen!  Check out this John Cauley Jeweler Commcerical that ran on Channel 15.

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