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What Will Your John Cauley Jeweler Story Be?

My John Cauley Jeweler Story: Custom Wedding Band

September will be 20 years ago that my husband and I decided to get married. No engagement and definitely no money. When we got married, we used some cheap wedding bands that I had purchased and put in my hope chest hoping that one day I could use them. Well seeing how we had no money, I had no engagement ring of any sorts. So a little later on I carried some rings to John that had some small diamond chips in them and he made me a ring so that I had something to go with my wedding band. It made my day when he called and said that my rings (yes there was two and I know I have the other one, but I've apparently misplaced it) were ready. I was beyond excited to actually have a form of a diamond to wear. Thanks Johnny for taking care of me back in the day!!

- A.G.

My John Cauley Jeweler Story: Backyard Shop

When I lived in mobile going to South, I noticed one of my prongs off my engagement ring had become loose and when I touched it it just fell off. I immediately contacted John Cauley and he told me how to get to his house and right then he fixed it for me in his shop in his back yard. That's the amazing service of John Cauley, now years later my little prong is holding on just fine.

- C. D.

My John Cauley Story: Keeping My Dad Close

Twenty years ago it was my senior year so instead of a class ring I wanted something different that I could wear all the time. John Cauley took the diamonds from the engagement ring that my dad had given my mom many years before and created this beauty!  Since then I've lost my dad and this ring means even more to me now then it did then. John always has done beautiful work.  :)

- S. A.

My John Cauley Story: Some of My Favorites

A few of my favorite pieces! Johnny took several rings from my "Previous Life", lol...and made these gorgeous jewels for me! The pics do not do them justice!


- I. N.

My John Cauley Story: The Frog Necklace

Well to be honest I have several stories about Johnny and his jewelry! While in a Jackson store there was a beautiful Frog necklace with emerald eyes and diamonds on the back. My sister told him not to let me see it, but when I came in the store, it was the first thing he showed me! I love frogs so, Yes I own it and wear it all the time! He also made both my daughters rings using diamonds I got from their Daddy! 

This is the necklace and one of the rings!

- D. M. J.

My John Cauley Story: A Band to Match

So I had been looking everywhere for a wedding band to match my engagement ring. I had been everywhere in my hometown, some stores in Mobile, & even went to some jewelry stores in Mexico when I went on vacation. I couldn't find a ring. I even had some jewelry stores tell me to take my engagement ring back to where I got it & buy a bridal set. I did not want to do that. It was the ring my fiance & I had picked out together. Well I went to see John & he was able to make my wedding ring. When we went to pick up my band 2 weeks before our wedding I was beaming from ear to ear. I was so relieved & happy. Thank you again John! Now I need a matching band to go on the other side of my ring.

- S. G.

My John Cauley Story: Reading, 'Riting, & Recess

I have known Johnny since we were in the first grade. I bought my wedding rings from him. He repaired my daddy's wedding ring for me that I wear every day. I bought my mother's ring from him and I love it! I have a beautiful diamond watch that belonged to my mother and hopefully one day soon I will have him make something wonderful for several family members out of it.  

- D. D. W.

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